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Our Promise

One of the greatest challenge we face in Nigeria is service issues. Most businesses that provide services are ill-equipped and lack the basic tools to get the job done for customers. This often results in delays, accidental instances and often times complaints from customers.

To avoid the afore-mentioned problems we have come up with a concept of ours we call Zero DAC – Zero Delays, Zero Accidents and Zero Complaints.

Zero D: This concept aims to make sure all our Service Providers or members under RMI arrives on site as scheduled. It means you can book for any service or errand and we will be there within 24 hours and also complete it within a record time. We are defining a meaningful matrix with all our members across all service sectors for reliability and adoption.

Zero A: Yes we believe it is achievable. This we accomplish by our robust HSE POLICY. We also have the HSE GUIDE which are also FIVE basic rules to be respected by everyone, everywhere to safeguard human life and therefore we ensure that they are fully understood and obeyed by all members/vendors. These rules are intended for the people who organize work, the people who carry it out and the people who inspect it. They are also based on systematic processes for identifying, assessing and managing risks

Zero C: This concept aims at giving our customers or clients NO reason to complain on services rendered. This we do with 3 goals: Affordability of services, Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction. We also have a REFUND POLICY for our customers or clients for percentage work not done in the event of such.

Refund Policy

At RealMen Initiative we have a commitment to render affordable yet professional services to you. We have a REFUND POLICY which is in place to curb the menace that service providers have caused unsuspecting clients. Many have contracted Mechanics, Tailors, Carpenters,  Engineers, Caterers etc and ended up being disappointed because of poor job delivery or loss of money. Our REFUND POLICY is our commitment to you to refund back to you total amount for WORK NOT DONE. Work not done is rated in percentage from your feedback and our accessment and same is paid back to you in the event of such. THE REFUND POLICY IS EFFECTIVE ONLY WITHIN 7 DAYS FROM  JOB COMPLETION.  We also restrict cash transactions with our vendors as our clients pay for services into a single account and vendors are not paid until work done is confirmed satisfactory from the client.

We have your interest at heart. Come do business with a relaxed mind. Contact us today

We are an accredited body of professional business men and women in Nigeria.

Our goal is to provide excellent business services for individuals within the country.

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Zero Delay

We ensure that your projects are timely and get's done according to specified deliverables & timelines for clients.

Zero Accidents

By hiring the best service men and women, we mitigate riks of accidents during production or service rendering.

Zero Complaints

Our goal is to give our customers a pleasant user experience with zero complaints that will leave them coming for more. Km 4 East-West road Alakahia Choba Portharcourt. (234) 8026105010
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