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Errand Services

From time to time, you may require the services of errand boys to help deliver parcel items or just perform simple tasks for you like picking up groceries or house chores. Our “Just Errand” arm of the RealMen Initiative was created to do just that.

We have ready service men and women who are willing to help you do things quickly and on the go. Just call us now, or book for any of our services and we will be glad to get those tasks of yours sorted out quickly.

Also in line with our Anti Corruption Policy, we do not encourage Clients to give out cash as tips to any of our Members/Service Providers. Giving of such or such request from any service provider is against our Ethics. Please note that RMI will never ask any Vendor/Service Providers to collect cash from the Client for services provided or for extra materials not quoted for.

In the event of extra money to be paid or materials to be procured, RMI will notify the Client. All quotation are sent by RMI and Monies paid ONLY into the RMI bank account. Also Clients are advised to go through ONLY RMI to request for Service Providers. This is because our REFUND POLICY is effective ONLY when the Vendor is sent by RMI.

In the event when a Client decides to deal directly with the Vendor/Service Provider without consulting RMI, then the Client WILL NOT HOLD RMI RESPONSIBLE for any form of damage, delay or any behavior that is considered unruly. If a Service provider from RMI at any time meets a Client in the name of RMI without any prior contact of Client & RMI or request of such service from RMI by the Client, then the Client must notify RMI immediately as such will be treated as a crime and appropriate sanctions given.

Any Vendor/Service Provider sent by RMI has an ID card from RMI which, as a rule, must be shown to the Client on arrival at the work site. In the absence of an ID, a Letter of Introduction duly signed and stamped by RMI must be presented to the Client.

At RMI we have you covered and we promise you of the best of service providers with your satisfaction as our priority.

We are an accredited body of professional business men and women in Nigeria.

Our goal is to provide excellent business services for individuals within the country.

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Zero Delay

We ensure that your projects are timely and get's done according to specified deliverables & timelines for clients.

Zero Accidents

By hiring the best service men and women, we mitigate riks of accidents during production or service rendering.

Zero Complaints

Our goal is to give our customers a pleasant user experience with zero complaints that will leave them coming for more.

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