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10 Signs you’re A Terrible Leader. Part 1

Every business owner or CEO has a learning curve when taking on a leadership position. Being the head honcho isn’t easy, and leadership skills aren’t always innate—it can take time to grow into the position.

Unfortunately, there are times when a manager or boss is simply a bad leader. Maybe they had bad mentors, or they’ve picked up contradictory habits. Maybe they haven’t had the necessary experience to understand their vital role and how best to accomplish it. Whatever the case, recognizing that your leadership skills need some serious work is the first step toward making changes and improving.

Here are 10 signs that you’re probably a terrible leader, as well as some steps you can begin taking to fix them.

1. You Lack Empathy

Caring for others and showing compassion toward employees only makes you weak. Right? Wrong! Newsflash: no matter how high up the ranks you go, you will always be human, and so will everyone else around you.


Great leaders understand the importance of empathy. Don’t be afraid to show your softer side. Have a sense of humor and show warmth to those around you. Practice relating to others and try to see situations from someone else’s perspective. When you take time to recognize others, those around you will feel appreciated.


2. You Fear Change

Change is scary. It is unruly and often uncontrollable, but the one thing you can always count on is that change is going to happen whether or not you like it. Learn to embrace it. Harness the power of change and ride that wave of disruption to the advancement of your company and your career.

When change is on the horizon (and it almost always is), see it as an opportunity to set yourself apart as a leader and a visionary. Don’t let panic and anxiety overwhelm you or you will lose the confidence of those around you.


3. You Don’t Practice Humility

Contrary to what your mother might say, you aren’t perfect. If you make a mistake, you need to own up to it. And, believe it or not, other people also have valid ideas and suggestions. Don’t confuse humility with being hesitant or unassertive.

Strong leaders understand that being humble and unpretentious will go a long way toward making them approachable and relatable. It will make others more comfortable with sharing their ideas and opinions. A little humility shows respect for others and indicates that you can acknowledge your own flaws. So don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself once in a while.

4. You Avoid Confrontation

Confronting a difficult person or situation can be intimidating. You may be afraid that confronting someone will demonstrate your lack of knowledge, or you may assume (or hope) that a problem will simply disappear on its own. What is more likely is that trying to avoid a disagreement or bypass a sticky situation will only result in a bigger and more complicated entanglement in the future.

Face your issues head on. Hold yourself, and those around you, accountable for their work and actions. Acknowledge a weakness if your knowledge or information may be lacking, but don’t avoid discussing a concern altogether.

5. You’re A Poor Communicator

Poor communication is the hallmark of a weak leader. Until they invent a way to read your mind, you are going to need to find a way to communicate what’s in your head. Your expectations, vision for the future, plan of action and strategies need to be discussed and thoroughly explained. Poor communicators shut down during difficult situations and are unable to get their points across to employees, clients or stakeholders.

The ability to express yourself through direct dialogue, email or other forms of communication is essential for a good leader. As well as expressing your ideas, you also have to learn to listen to others; after all, communication is a two-way street. Taking into account the ideas and advice of those around you is a great way to build a loyal and faithful team.



Franklin Onoben is a Pastor and Career counselor and a member of REALMEN INITIATIVE.

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