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RealMen Initiative | Professional & Accredited Business Men & Women in Nigeria

Who We Are

REALMEN INITIATIVE GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED (RC 1384595) is an accredited body with several registered professional Service providers/Vendors in Nigeria with the goal of providing excellent business services for individuals and corporate organizations within the country

TYPE OF BUSINESS: Service Management

MODE OF BUSINESS: Supply of Contractors/Vendors/Artisans and Services to Individuals and Corporate Organizations within the Country

We focus on making it easy for customers who require services to find the best people for the job through us. This is our promise to you. By doing so, we help promote indigenious services and products that have great quality and integrity.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to change the face of service delivery in Nigeria.

This we intend to achieve with 3 goals: AFFORDABILITY, SERVICE QUALITY and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. We understand that our environment faces integrity and competence challenges especially in the service industry.

We want to change that narrative and provide a safe place for individuals to get the best services from the best hands around the country.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make a difference by providing the best hands within the various sectors across the country.

Our product line JUST ERRANDS is our driving tool towards achieving this. We cover almost every sector of the service industry from JUST ERRANDS Building solutions to Marketing & sales, Entertainment & event management, Engineering, Travels, Autos, Logistics, Seminar, Interiors and Catering.

We also carry out trainings in these sectors.

Core Value

Our Core value is Integrity. We understand that Trust is a key ingredient in not only securing new business but also retaining previous business relationships and repeat business dealings.

We are therefore known for providing trustworthy Service Providers who can be relied upon to deliver in the worst of conditions. This has endeared us to the vast number of our clients and we intend to keep it that way.

We are an accredited body of professional business men and women in Nigeria.

Our goal is to provide excellent business services for individuals within the country.

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Why Choose Us

Zero Delay

We ensure that your projects are timely and get's done according to specified deliverables & timelines for clients.

Zero Accidents

By hiring the best service men and women, we mitigate riks of accidents during production or service rendering.

Zero Complaints

Our goal is to give our customers a pleasant user experience with zero complaints that will leave them coming for more.

contact@realmeninitiative.com Km 4 East-West road Alakahia Choba Portharcourt. (234) 8026105010
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